Deli Manager Trainee
Objective: A profitable department.




Essential Function:
Achieve or exceed budget projections in gross profit, sales, supplies, and labor percent in a sanitary, pleasing atmosphere. Preparation of quality food on a large scale for sale in the deli. Efficient handling of merchandise to meet the demands of the customers. Servicing customers in a timely, friendly manner.

Must be a minimum of 21 years of age. Supervisor Food Handler’s Permit required. Requires long periods

Basic Functions:
1) Follow directives of Store Director and Deli Director.
2) Provide the best product and service possible.
3) Maintain a friendly, professional attitude.
4) Interview, hire, motivate, schedule, and direct subordinates.
5) Monitor and evaluate associates on a regular basis.
6) Control and purchase inventory.
7) Process terminations in a timely manner.
8) Enforce Company policies and procedures.
9) Follow Company Safety Standards.

Specific Skills:
1) Maintain and submit required records and reports.
2) Good verbal and written communication skills (Including: Pricing retail from cost, inventory, weekly sales, purchases, and credits).
3) Catering.
4) Merchandising.
5) Responsible for compliance with Health Department standards.
6) Delegation – follow-up.
7) Effective and ongoing training.
8) Customer and associate relations.
9) Assist in all phases of production.
10) Monitor competition and maintain competitive pricing.

Safe usage, proper storage and cleaning of:
Slicer, Fryer, Oven, Knives, Can Opener, Cooler, Fuse Box, Grinder, Calculator, Label Machine, Microwave, Hot Case, Overwrap Machinery, Scale, Chicken Rotisserie, Power Hose, Stove, Assorted Kitchen Utensils, Cardboard Baler, Trash Compactor. Must know proper sharpening of all blades.

FT – variable schedule

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