Bakery Intern
Objective: To complete a 60 hour paid internship to further develop baking and/or cake decorating skills.




Essential Function:
Preparation of quality food on a large scale for sale in the bakery. Efficient handling of merchandise to meet the demands of the customers. Servicing customers in a timely, friendly manner. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Food Handler’s Permit required. Requires long periods of standing, lifting and bending.

Basic Functions:
1) Follow directives of Bakery Manager and Bakery Director.
2) Provide the best product and service possible.
3) Maintain a friendly, professional attitude.
4) Follow Company policies and procedures.
5) Follow Company Safety Standards.

Specific Skills:
The internship will encompass the following areas:

1) Prep work, production, food safety & sanitation
2) Baking, cake decorating & donut frying
3) Packaging, product displays & merchandising
4) Ordering, receiving, cooler organization & inventory management
5) Opening & closing duties, scheduling & management practices

Safe usage, proper storage and cleaning of:
Bread Machine, Bun Rounder, Donut Fryer, Sheeters, Scales, Bread Slicer, Label Machine, Dishwasher, Pallet Jacks, Cardboard Baler, Trash Compactor, Proof Box, Oven, Four-gear Mixer, Three-gear Mixer, Shrink Wrapper, Fryer, Glazer, All Attachments. All utensils related to baking (i.e.: rolling pin, spatula, etc.).

PT – variable schedule

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